Gregg Allen


“ The Master’s Choice Watercolour papers are high quality and a pleasure to use frequently, but the way I see it, the products are a wonderful boost to all those keen students of watercolour- a great reliable paper at a great price! Watercolour is a difficult medium to learn and you pretty much get one shot at most of your brushmarks. With these new papers on the market, a student can now make an occasional mess, have a disaster or two, and then not worry so much about the cost of watercolour paper when they go and repeat the exercise again and again-as a good student should! Cheap paper misinforms the painter as to what watercolour can really do, but really expensive paper can often make us feel too nervous and tight and unable to take those all-too-necessary risks on parchment so ‘precious ‘. The Master’s Choice Artists Watercolour papers have simply solved this age old problem!”