The Masters Choice by Baohong

Master’s Choice Artists’ Watercolor Paper was developed over a three year period by world-renowned Watercolour Artists and the small family-owned Baohong papermill. Initially released in Australia, the paper has a rabid fan base led by famous watercolorists such as Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet, Thomas W Schaller, Ross Patterson and David Taylor. Made with 100% natural Cotton and traditionally sized internally and externally with traditional gelatin The Masters’ Choice Watercolour Paper has a unique surface that is receptive to all professional  and delicate watercolour- and lifting- techniques.
The Masters’ Choice Watercolour 300 grams paper is available in Hot Pressed, Cold Pressed and Rough textures in full size 56x76cm sheets with Deckle Edges as well as in ½ size and ¼ size sheets and 8 block sizes ranging from 12.5 x 18 cm to 46 x 61 cm.

Watercolor paper blocks are glued on all four sides, eliminating the need to stretch the paper before painting, as the glue prevents the sheet from buckling during painting. Whether you are painting with watercolors or drawing with ink, Master’s Choice Artists’ Watercolor sheets and blocks provide an extraordinary surface for creative expression.

Key Features

    •    100% Cotton papercotton.png
    •    Traditionally made on a cylinder mould
    •    Acid- and Chlorine-Free, pH-neutral, and Archival
    •    300 Grams - 140 LB
    •    Available in Cold Pressed, Hot pressed and Rough
    •    Natural Gelatine Sizing to the core of the paper
    •    Natural White with no optical bleaches
    •    Full sheets of 56x76 cm are deckled on all four sides
    •    Watermarked sheets
    •    Block contains 20 sheets
    •    Blocks are glued on all four sides